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Why Xperts Unlimited?

More than a service provider. We’re your business partner.

For today’s business, IT simply needs to work. But we know it’s NOT that simple! With technology’s rapidly evolving nature and mission-critical role for powering your business, you need everything from day-to-day support to cybersecurity to advising for the future.



Enter: Xperts Unlimited!

The Managed IT Department trusted to get IT right for LA and OC businesses across all industries for over 20 years.

The Xperts Difference

Xperts Unlimited does IT differently.

Our all-inclusive, flat-rate service model takes your IT from:

The Old School Approach

  • Unpredictable Expenses
  • Confusing Pricing
  • One More Line-item Service
  • Headache to Manage
  • Reactive
  • One-person IT Support


  • Budgetable, Reliable Investment
  • Transparent, Simple Pricing
  • Strategic Business Partner
  • Optimized Cornerstone of Your Business
  • Proactive
  • Team of Xperts
You can think of us as your IT department, an extension of your team, your technology advisor, and a sound investment.

Xperts Unlimited’s all-inclusive and flat-rate model changes the game for IT service delivery. You’ll never be charged hourly fees for labor, projects, onboarding, or office moves. 

So what does that mean for your business? It means that we set up your IT for success from the beginning. If something breaks, we take on the time and effort to fix it. In a perfect world, you’d never have to call us, but things happen, and we have a 24/7/365 support line ready for those moments. 

We take on the risk and leave you with the peace of mind.

Brian Galli, CEO

Team Xperts' Pledge

Minimize Costs, Downtime, Surprises, and Headaches

Maximize Uptime, Reliability, Productivity, and Peace of Mind