MD Credit

We met Brian as a start-up that had finally gotten its big funding round. Scaling with exceptional quality and trying to build a first class national organization was our mandate from the money; but discipline and value-proposition were still extremely important to our executive team, who still believe profits are a more important metric than headcount. We certainly could have hired our own IT staff and we had a number of existing relationships ready to service our needs. Almost on a lark we took a meeting with Brian and have never looked back. The Xperts ( as we refer to the team around here ) are counted among our favorite employees and are on-site whenever we need them and lots of times when we probably could have been fine with less attention but they make sure we are well cared for. For half the cost of person we are getting a team of people and vast experiences that have not run into a problem they have not solved. I cannot think of another company or approach to IT that make half as much sense as Xperts.