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Small Business Cyber Security Myths

Cybersecurity was a top issue for small business CEOs and owners before March 2020. Now this topic is even more top of mind for small businesses with most staff working remotely, creating exponential cyber vulnerabilities. Many think of cyber attacks as a threat to only larger companies – a myth that’s even less true now! Cyber attackers are well aware that small businesses are usually less savvy, protected, and ready when it comes to cyber attacks, and they’re capitalizing on that now more than ever.

Here are 4 cyber security myths to dispel and compel small business leaders:

  1. “Cyber criminals are only after larger companies” – Almost half of cyber attacks target small businesses today. Cyber criminals are well aware that smaller businesses often lack in-house security expertise and sufficient protections.
  2. “We’re protected enough with our antivirus software and firewall” – These two tools are only a piece of the puzzle. Even with those tools in place you’re still exposed to malware installations on web applications and websites (WordPress). Invest in scanning and correcting tools to fix these vulnerabilities.
  3. “Cyber attacks only originate from bad guys trying to hack in” – Unfortunately, employee user error is one of the biggest causes of data breaches. Password managers, VPNs, two-factor authentication, and continued education can help mitigate the chances of employees creating vulnerabilities.
  4. “We don’t collect customer payment info so we won’t be targeted” – It’s likely you do collect customer data though, and cyber criminals would love to steal and sell your customers’ PII on the dark web (names, email, addresses, passwords, etc.). Many phishing scams and ransomware attacks are born of this hack.

Protecting your data, your customer’s data, your website, and now your employee’s data, is mission critical. Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and resources are out there for small businesses – here’s a link to small business resources from the FCC. But if keeping up with the cybersecurity landscape feels daunting, you’re not alone! Small businesses opt to entrust the management of their IT and cyber security program to companies like Xperts Unlimited, relinquishing you of the work and stress of doing it all yourself. It’s our job to continually stay ahead of the latest and greatest cyber security solutions, provide prevention education to your staff, effectively monitor your business, and mitigate your risk.

Let the Xperts make your business cyber-smart and bring you peace of mind. Go here to get started by requesting a call. We look forward to helping you and your business stay safe and productive!

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