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Get Your Cybersecurity Toolkit

I remember the first time my dad gave me a box of tools. I was moving out for the first time, and he gave me a box filled with an old hammer, two screwdrivers (one flat head, the other Phillips head), a rusty wrench, and a tape measure. It wasn’t much but it showed me […]

The 7 Ghosts of Cybersecurity

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but it also well known, among the vernacular of the younger generation, as Spooky Season. Most people are more concerned with ghosts, ghouls, and goblins than they are with the dangers lurking in the dark corners of the Internet. Which is understandable, it’s more fun to think about the fake […]

Man-Made Problems in the Digital World

If you’ve watched any sci-fi movie, you probably understand the perceived dangers of the digital world. Primarily the unrealistic dangers of artificial intelligence. Now, I’m not saying that AI won’t be a threat in the future but it’s important to note that right now the people using the Internet pose a much bigger threat than […]

11 Phishing Tactics You Need to Know About

We were passionate about staying up on tech and cybersecurity trends before COVID, but now we’re downright obsessed. And we’re here to share what we learn to help keep you cybersecurity savvy and safe. Did you know? The first phishing campaign was documented in 1987! Phishing is now carried out via text, phone, advertising, and […]

6 Entryways for Cyber Criminals to Access Your Business

Tomorrow is October and the first day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Team Xperts spends a great deal of time and energy working to make sure our clients are cyber-secure and cyber-savvy, not to mention our efforts in staying on top of all the ways to stay ahead of the bad guys for you! […]

8 Warning Signs That You’ve Received a Phishing Email

Since March 2020, the increase in business’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities due to cyber scams has increased exponentially, with an uptick in phishing scams being a major risk to companies and their now-remote employees. Cyber criminals are looking to exploit people’s fears around recent global events, and while some phishing scams can be easy to identify, many […]

Small Business Cyber Security Myths

Cybersecurity was a top issue for small business CEOs and owners before March 2020. Now this topic is even more top of mind for small businesses with most staff working remotely, creating exponential cyber vulnerabilities. Many think of cyber attacks as a threat to only larger companies – a myth that’s even less true now! […]

3 Steps to Optimize your Small Business for the Future of Remote Work

Having the right policies and technology in place will be the difference between your business thriving or simply surviving through COVID and beyond. For most small businesses, remote work life has been a huge shift on many levels. A couple of months in and leaders and employees are starting to find their new way of […]