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Does your business really need a Password Manager?

Yes! Having secure and frequently changed passwords is a key line of defense for businesses looking to tighten their cybersecurity. But if you’re like most people, the inconvenience of remembering umpteen different complex passwords means we’re likely not going to choose safety over ease, putting our personal and business information at major risk. Enter: The […]

The Ultimate Disaster Recovery Checklist

Is your business prepared for the worst? If you have questions or need help establishing a data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) strategy and plan, Team Xperts can help! Check out our BDR checklist below and reach out to schedule a consultation regarding where we can help fill any gaps you may have. Click here […]

RANSOMWARE – What it is, how to handle an attack, and how to prevent your business from being vulnerable in the first place

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is the most common malware threat out there. A Ransomware attack is a situation in which a hacker keeps your data encrypted until a ransom is paid. It comes in many variants (such as CryptoLocker, Petya, and WannaCry) but it’s constantly evolving, making it very difficult to protect against. And although […]

6 Entryways for Cyber Criminals to Access Your Business

Tomorrow is October and the first day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Team Xperts spends a great deal of time and energy working to make sure our clients are cyber-secure and cyber-savvy, not to mention our efforts in staying on top of all the ways to stay ahead of the bad guys for you! […]

8 Warning Signs That You’ve Received a Phishing Email

Since March 2020, the increase in business’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities due to cyber scams has increased exponentially, with an uptick in phishing scams being a major risk to companies and their now-remote employees. Cyber criminals are looking to exploit people’s fears around recent global events, and while some phishing scams can be easy to identify, many […]

Small Business Cyber Security Myths

Cybersecurity was a top issue for small business CEOs and owners before March 2020. Now this topic is even more top of mind for small businesses with most staff working remotely, creating exponential cyber vulnerabilities. Many think of cyber attacks as a threat to only larger companies – a myth that’s even less true now! […]

More Malware Threats Ahead For Web Enabled Devices

If recent events are any indication, Botnets are going to be in the news a lot more in coming months. Less than a month ago, a massive army of hacked internet devices broke records when it attacked a French Internet Service Provider, OVH, which hit them with traffic peaks of over 1 Terabyte per second. […]

FriendFinder Hack Exposes Almost Half A Billion Users

The year of 2016 continues to break new records in terms of massive security breaches. According to LeakedSource, last month, hackers gained access to the FriendFinder Network, which includes the adult dating and swinger site, “Adult Friend Finder.” User accounts, passwords and an assortment of other sensitive information were stolen, and while the bulk of […]