5 Signs That It’s Time for Your Business to Hire a Managed IT Department (MID)

Few businesses can thrive without leveraging IT wisely these days. But for small businesses, limited time and resources can make IT a burden rather than a growing company’s best friend (which it can and should be, if done right!). There comes a time where it makes sense to outsource, but when? Below are five signs that should tell you “It’s Time!” to hire a Managed IT Department (MID).

  1. IT costs are climbing or are unpredictable. “Do I hire a full-time IT person, outsource, or keep trying to fight increasingly expensive IT fires?” Outsourcing to an MID will lock in your costs every month, gaining you cost efficiencies over time. MIDs also come in cheaper than a FTE and can be more efficient and effective with the MID’s collective expertise.
  2. Security is a concern. While costs and time are common reasons to hire a MID, businesses soon realize security and compliance are even more paramount and potentially costly. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable, but small businesses are extra targeted since cyber attackers are well-aware it’s usually a gap for them. Your MID will be able to implement and maintain cybersecurity protections, detection, response programs, and employee trainings, as well as backup and disaster recovery solutions that are enterprise-level, greatly reducing your risk of breaches and attacks and increasing your chances of recovery if breached.
  3. Productivity is being negatively affected by downtime. A MID will offer 24/7/365 support and maintenance of your IT systems, heading off any unexpected, costly disruptions by monitoring, identifying, and resolving issues proactively and quickly.
  4. Managing IT day-to-day is becoming cumbersome and time-consuming. What would you do with all of the extra time you and/or your staff would get back by outsourcing your IT management? Let’s get you back to focusing on your core activities that will grow your business!
  5. Staying technologically nimble feels like a pipe dream. It’s a full-time job to stay ahead of tech trends, let alone implement them for your business to stay competitive. An MID’s job is to stay in-the-know for you and hone expertise in these areas to bring their client partners best in breed solutions and helping you pivot technologically as needed.

Any other reasons you can think of to hire a MID? We’d love to hear about them. And we’d love to help you create more time, efficiency, peace of mind, and profitability in your business. Request a free consultation and let’s explore what Xperts Unlimited becoming your Managed IT Department will mean for your bottom line! 

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